HOLDING INVESTIMENTOS IMOBILIÁRIOS is internationally recognized for its excellence in services.

We pride ourselves on having unique, luxurious properties for exclusive clients. Our extensive network and personal relationships that we built with our partners, clients and friends over the years, gave us access to restricted and exceptional properties of high quality, that for reasons of ethics, status and secrecy we don’t make available in our site. Our exclusive portfolio, of class and refinement, makes us able to provide the quality of the most demanding.

We are a VIP company for elite clients, offering professional and personalized services, with 5 star quality. We have become the choice of sportspeople, players, artists, investors, executives, diplomats and national and international celebrities, always bringing sophistication, privacy and confidentiality.


We meet and listen carefully to our client, to understand and fulfill his desire. The important thing is to know what he wants, where he wants, as he wants. Our success lies in going beyond what you need. It is to surprise your expectations in a sublime way.


This is our differential, understanding your needs and doing the impossible to transform your dream into reality!


The Real Estate Hunter from Holding Investimentos Imobiliarios is an innovative service that aims to reduce time and money that customers spend searching for the perfect property. This personalized and high quality approach we offer is perfect for customers who:

They want to save time for business and personal activities;
They are disappointed with the options they have found in the market;
They are looking for a property while residing abroad;
They are having frustrating results with traditional real estate.

At Holding Investimentos Imobiliários we offer a dedicated service to look for and secure the perfect property for you, with experience in the market, to help you find the ideal property, be it a residence, an investment, or a business opportunity.